Hello friends, our blog today is about blogging.  What is blogging?. How can we start a blog? How we can choose domain hosting and related platform to do blogging, we have explained in detail in our today’s blog What is Blog, How Should We Start Blogging.

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Blog is one such platform. Where you can demonstrate your knowledge through words. And can give information to the user about the relevant topic. Information related to that topic can be made available to the user. Through the block, we convey our information to the people. Hot updates daily. This information can be related to personal, career, knowledge. A blog is like a diary. The only difference between blogs and diaries is that the diary is offline. And the blog is online.The blog is managed by a single person. Blogs can be in different categories.

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Benefits of blogging

What are the benefits of blogging? If you also want to know the benefits of blogging, then this post is important for you. From here you will get complete information about the benefits of blogging. Any problems related to your blogging from here will also end after reading this post.

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Learn New Thing Each Day From Blogging

When you are blogging, you learn something new everyday through blogging. This gives you information about making things accessible to people. When we do blogging, writing on related topics every day makes our thinking more clear about subjects. New thoughts come to your mind. Blogging increases your ability to think.This makes us think more deeply about things. It may contain subjects related to society, sports, media. Through blogging you can find your strength and weakness. So that you can improve later.Blogging improves your writing skills. And by itself, your ability to write increases. As soon as you start blogging, your confidence level increases. Through blogging, your desire to spread your opinion further increases.Blogging increases our ability to express any idea.Through blogging, you can help people reach their information for free. People will be inspired by this.

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How to start blogging

If you are thinking of starting a blog, then you face some questions.When starting blogging, the first question you face is what should be the name of our blog. By choosing the appropriate name for your blog, we can then obtain the domain name by type. The first way is to get our domain for free at blogsport.com. Or the other way is to start blogging by purchasing the domain of any extension. It is better to start blogging by purchasing domain of any extension and start blogging by purchasing domain from blogspot.com. Because there are some restrictions in taking a free domain from a blog spot. Which is not right for blogging. So I always suggest you to start login by purchasing a custom domain.

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Select Custom Hosting For Your Blog

 After selecting the domain, the next question comes to us. How to choose the appropriate hosting for our blog. There are also two ways for this. The first is to set up your custom domain on free hosting from blogspot.com. The second way is that you can start your blog by hosting hosting from any hosting provider. As far as hosting providers are concerned, nowadays one can easily get hastings from 200 to ₹ 300 per month.We use hosting as a posting of content, images and videos on our blog.

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Use A Platform For Hosting Setup

Now after choosing the domain name, hosting service, the third important question before us is what platform are we using for blog. If we setup a blog on the free hosting provided by Blog Spot. So in such a situation, the platform is setup by Blog Sport itself. But when you take custom hosting from a hosting provider, then you have to install the platform in hosting. For example you can install the WordPress platform in your blog.If you want information on how to set up WordPress on your hosting, you can read our post How to Install WordPress in Hosting.

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Tips For Blogging

Regular Update your blog

When we start a blog. So the most important thing remains. How to keep consistency in our blogging. This means that if you are blogger, then you have to schedule your program like this. That your blog is updated at regular intervals. This will give you two important advantages. The first advantage will be that any reader who comes to your blog will feel that if you regularly update new content on your blog, then the direct benefit will be that the visitors on your blog will increase.Another advantage would be when the search engine chloral comes to your blog. So he will get new information regularly. Which he will do regular indexing. This will help you get higher rankings on search engines. At the same time, your keywords will also be optimized quickly.

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Point that  Keep in mind before publishing blog

Important points that need to be kept in mind before publishing any blog. Have written the content for their respective blogs. Now you want more and more people to read your content, so now you need to optimize that blog in front of you. The first important point in this is to optimize the related images for your blog. The second important point is to select the tag corresponding to the block. Now you select the related category of the block. Provide the corresponding Alt description in the selected image. Keeping these important points in mind, you can now make your blog good.

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 We will provide you with other information related to blogging in our next blog. You can read our previous blog for updates related to WordPress developer, digital marketing, e-commerce, social media and YouTube marketing. You can also tell us through comments. If you want to know from us in the next blog, then we will write a blog related to the point to help you.For information and updates related to blogging, you can join Community blogging on Reddit. Through this community you will go a long way in learning and making your blog better.